Matcha was created for medical purposes during the 6th century in China. However, when monks brought the powdered green tea to Japan, it became one of the most ritualized drinks in history.

Premium Matcha powder from Japan

Matcha is a high-quality green tea, mainly grown on the island of Kyūshū in southern Japan. Approximately four weeks before the harvest, the farmers shade the tea shrubs, so the leaves develop more caffeine and chlorophyll, hence the deep green colour.

More about the history and health benefits of matcha green tea.

After the harvest, the leaves get stripped from the stalks, steamed and dried. Thereafter they are ground into a fine powder, using large granite mills. The raw tea, as well as the speed of the grinding procedure determines the quality of the finished matcha.

We know three grades of matcha:
Food grade (lowest quality, usually used for baking and other types of matcha flavoured sweets)
Premium grade (good quality, used in all kinds of matcha drinks - we use this for our matcha latte)
Ceremonial grade (highest quality, very expensive, almost exclusively used in the Japanese tea ceremony)

Matcha Latte mit roten Bohnen

Our premium matcha powder is also available at our shop in airtight 100g pouches. Certified organic, sustainable and naturally vegan.

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