Real Tea - Rich Taste

Welcome to RealiTea, where real tea creates a rich taste experience! Asian tea house and ethnic concept store, a match made in heaven.

Asian tea room, ethnic concept store, speciality coffee, homemade bubble tea and cake

Since we opened in spring 2022 at Schallmooser Hauptstra├če 21 we already survived a few seasons and we keep on developing.

Depending on the time of the year we offer traditional, homemade bubble teas and other delicious, trendy drinks like Mango Lassi or Chai Latte.
We brew the base of our bubble teas ourselves from proper tea leaves, hence we named our shop RealiTea.

As a tea house we offer a fine selection of loose leaf teas from China, Vietnam and India. Of course you can bring the tea along to brew in your home, but we also provide a lovely, cozy atmosphere at our shop to sit down with a pot of your favourite leaf to enjoy.

Pu Erh Tea from China, real tea, rich taste

Additionally, this type of emporium needs to offer coffee based drinks as well, I mean we are in the heart of Austria, where coffee is the most popular elixir of life.
Instead of settling for mediocre stuff, we use a light roast from Cuba that brings a wonderfully smooth, extravagant taste to the party, without getting overly acidic.

Beautifully smooth Arabica coffee from Cuba

Since people need to eat something with their tea (or coffee), we present a variety of sweets like homemade Austrian cakes, muffins, Mochi and other Asian style sweets. If we don't have time to bake, we purchase croissants and pastries from a local craft bakery.

fresh bread from a local craft bakery

If you fancy a sandwich instead, we assemble them fresh for you. Regional cheese, organic Austrian sausage and some vegetables make for a healthy, satisfying snack.


Whether it is the nice atmosphere, the handmade, fair traded products or the homemade drinks, we try to keep it real and follow our line.

See you soon!


New Stuff

Kukicha: A Unique Japanese TeaKukicha: A Unique Japanese Tea
Kukicha is naturally low on caffeine, but still rich in taste. That makes for a perfect afternoon and evening tea.
White TeaWhite Tea
White tea, a name synonymous with purity and elegance, beckons tea lovers seeking a subtle yet captivating experience.
Unveiling the Delicate Elegance of Pai Mu Tan White TeaUnveiling the Delicate Elegance of Pai Mu Tan White Tea
Have you ever craved a tea that embodies pure refinement? Look no further than Pai Mu Tan, a white tea celebrated for its delicate taste and minimal processing.
Assam TeaAssam Tea
A bold brew from the foothills of the Himalayas and one of the most popular teas.
Opening TimesOpening Times
New opening times from 1st of November 2023! Mon - Thu 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM, Fri & Sat 9:30 AM - 07:00 PM ... Sun closed
When sombebody vouches for a giftWhen sombebody vouches for a gift
they buy a gift voucher. Now at RealiTea!
The issue of fake coffee in VietnamThe issue of fake coffee in Vietnam
Despite Vietnam having excellent conditions for growing great coffee, premium suppliers are rare and street coffee often is not even real coffee. What is wrong here and what is right? Let us take a look.