Pumpkin Latte!

Every year again I witness the commotion about pumpkin spice latte. Now what about it?

Pumpkin Spice Latte at RealiTea

Pumpkin spice latte here, pumpkin spice latte there... But what is all the commotion about?

I mean obviously it's a cafe latte that tastes of pumpkin pie. However, this is Austria and we don't eat pumpkin pie, so we don't have pumpkin spice and I have neither childhood memories nor ancient recipes handed down from my ancestors.
But I keep hearing people complaining how they are looking forward to pumpkin spice latte season and then ordering one at Star-Muck, just to remember how bad it actually tastes.

I cannot bear a situation like this, so one sunny afternoon late in September, we went for an extended walk. Quite like Bilbo Baggins used to do - over the fields and around the hills. In front of a farm house, they displayed a large variety of pumpkins for sale and there it struck me. It's time to act, the little Took voice in my head said, so I just picked one, put the money into their strongbox and brought it home.
The pumpkin, not the farmer's strongbox.

Mr. Googol was so friendly to tell me what spices the Americans put in their pumpkin pies, so using this information, my pumpkin and our wood-fired oven, I took on the task to create a syrup.

First I tested the new concoction on the Goblyns in the basement, then on myself and at last - on some of my most trusted guinea p... regular customers.

It turned out lovely, so we keep it on the menu until we are running out of syrup!

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